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Book: Pagan Worship Audiobook

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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of ‘Pagan Worship’ right now. These audio excerpts will transport you to the heart of the story. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to Patrick Beacham’s work, these passages are a perfect introduction. Start listening and let the journey begin!

The narrator is the extremely talented

Carol Abney!

Carol’s creative pursuits have taken many different forms, from photography to modern dance choreography to film producing, acting and audiobook narration. As an actress she has appeared on network TV (911 LONE STAR, PARENTHOOD, MODERN FAMILY, BIG LOVE, ER), national commercials, independent features, short films (which have screened at festivals worldwide), and theater. Carol can be seen in the feature film SONGBIRD opposite Demi Moore and Bradley Whitford.

Carol was born in Peru, grew up in San Diego, CA, and lived in Europe (Sweden and the Netherlands) throughout most of her 20s, thus becoming multi-lingual.
Ms. Abney is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, and is based in Los Angeles.

What Readers Say About

Pagan Worship

A Little About the Author

Patrick Beacham

I have been writing since I was 8. This experience is described in my second novel, “Finding Shamoo,” available on Amazon. My influences are many: they range from John le Carré to Raymond Chandler to Hermann Hesse to Willa Cather, with many stops in-between. As a graduate of UCLA, I majored in political science with a specialization in international relations, and this, too, has continued to influence me. And oh, did I mention my film studies, which also inform my writing? Like any other writer worth his or her salt, what motivates me is simply the overpowering need to write, regardless of physical, psychological or financial condition.

Financially, I have been fortunate: I have, of necessity, while as a writer, re-invented myself several times, first as an art dealer, then as stockbroker and finally as a systems engineer at Microsoft.

Unfortunately, my psyche has not always been as cooperative, and I have experienced many psychological ups and downs over the years.

But perhaps most importantly, I have, throughout my literary career, received the unfailing support of my wife, Nancy, whose patience I continue to find altogether amazing.

The Story Behind The Story

Most people would conclude that I was motivated to write “Pagan Worship” by my supreme dislike of Donald Trump, and this is true. But to an even greater degree, I was motivated by those people who genuinely worship (or idolize) Donald Trump, despite calling themselves Christians, and in face of Donald Trump’s many non-Christian beliefs and practices, which are in complete violation of virtually all Christian (or Jewish or Muslim) norms. They are, in essence, “pagan worshipers.”

The novel addresses many other issues that I find extremely pressing as well, and these were equally important in motivating me, but because the novel is comparatively short, though still wide-ranging, I was unable to find room for all my concerns, including, for example, climate change.

How to characterize the novel? It is the blackest of black satires, and will probably give offense to many, both on the right and left. This is good. If, indeed, you read the novel, or listen to the audiobook that accompanies it, you are to be commended. You are to be commended because you are acting in the interests of free speech. No traditional publishing house, in this day and age, would ever dare to publish “Pagan Worship.” The negative blowback would be far too great. And if the book were ever to become widely known, there are many, in both the public and private sectors, who would seek to ban it.

Otherwise, please enjoy the book!